This month’s Ministry Spotlight partner, Reach Beyond, works with local believers to produce radio content that reaches into the lives of those who have never heard the Good News. Reach Beyond is motivated to see the fulfillment of Jesus’ command to make disciples, making Him known in every nation, tongue, and tribe. 

“We refuse to stand idly by as people enter eternity without Christ when we can share the Good News that transforms them through the media they use.” – The Reach Beyond Manifesto

In our age, that means reaching those who have never had the chance to hear who Jesus is and who often live in the most difficult places to do ministry. Reach Beyond is dedicated to doing just that through media, healthcare, and community development as the Voice and Hands of Jesus.

The voice part of Reach Beyond is about sharing the gospel through media, radio planting, social media and other forms of media in parts of the world where the name of Jesus has never been heard. The hands part of Reach Beyond is about providing compassionate medical care, clean water, community development and healthcare clinics where people can experience new hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

What is your part? 

Pray. Will you be one who lifts up the unreached before His throne? Join their prayer list.

Give. Partner with Reach beyond as they work around the world. Give now.

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What is Ministry Spotlight?
Every month, we take a moment to shine the spotlight on a ministry that is serving our communities and sharing the Gospel. Think of it as a virtual high five. These ministries are going above and beyond to serve our communities, share the Gospel and spread love. This is our way of saying thanks and offering a hand of help and prayer.