Rahab was an overlooked Gentile and a prostitute, and yet, she ended up becoming one of the most important women in the Bible.

Aaron and Elaina Sharp explain how Rehab was handpicked by God to reveal His mercy, love and redemptive plans for all of humanity. Aaron reflects on Rahab’s audacious faith and teaches us how it helped her to carry out the message of redemption.

“Here is this woman who is a prostitute, she’s a Gentile, and yet she exercises faith in a way that was very rare, even among the people in Israel that had seen God do things.”

“It is this just wonderful story of this woman who you would think never should have been in a Bible. On her trajectory, if there was a high school yearbook it would have never said, ‘Most expected to be in the Bible’ she wouldn’t have got that award, and yet, she is there and God’s grace shines brilliantly through her.”

Elaina points us to the story of Rahab and the spies found in Joshua 2.

“We’re not really sure how she became a believer in God, but we do know that when the two Israelites’ spies were sent into Jericho to spy out the land and see how the Israelites could come in and conquer it, we know that she somehow came across their paths.”

“She hid them because they were being hunted and obviously were going to be executed if they were found. She hid them in her home and then later on she sent them on their way and told them how they could escape the guards.”

“They rewarded her, not only for her faith in God, but also for the good works she did in aiding God’s men.”

She stuck her neck out so that God’s men could get where they needed to be, put her own family at risk, and exercised a tremendous amount of faith. Rahab’s story reminds us that God has the power to redeem any of us, despite our sinful nature, and wants to use us in the telling of His redemptive narrative.

Aaron and Elaina Sharp are both Master of Theology graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary. Aaron works for Insight for Living Ministries, and Elaina owns and operates a small business. Together, they have written the book .

Rahab's road to redemption
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