Many skeptics and seekers wonder if God even exists.

However, if we take God out of the picture there are big questions that don’t get answered. Atheism, scientism, pluralism, humanism and other popular worldviews may be intellectually stimulating for some people, but Dr. Vince Vitale points out that they don’t provide sound answers to the questions of origin, morality, meaning, or destiny.

“Where do we come from? Where are we headed? What’s our purpose in life? And therefore how should we live in light of that? Every single person needs to answer that question in order to live a coherent life.”

Criticism without alternative is empty. It’s one thing to criticize Christianity’s answers to those questions, but if you can’t put anything in that place, then you’re not in a position to live a meaningful life.”

Dr. Vitale shares a helpful analogy to describe the thought process of those who may be struggling to understand the meaning of life without God’s word and truth.

“Imagine showing up into a game and you’re asked to play this game. You don’t know when it started, you don’t know when it is going to finish, you don’t know what the rules are, or what the purpose of the game is. Then you start asking the other players to fill you in on these questions and they all give you different answers.”

“Then you try to find the referee or the umpire in the game and it turns out the players have sent him home because they didn’t like his answers to the questions. It would become a completely meaningless endeavor.”

We all have questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to live a meaningful life. As Christians, we have an opportunity to tell others about our faith and provide them with answers they are searching for.

Dr. Vince Vitale is the Director of the Zacharias Institute and an Itinerant Speaker for RZIM. Vince speaks about the Christian faith and takes Q&A in university settings, churches, and conference centers around the world. He is co-author of the book

Questions of faith