Arrabon is a Greek word that means a foretaste of what is to come.

Arrabon is also a ministry that equips churches and organizations with the cultural intelligence and reconciliation practices to be a foretaste of heaven.

Without divisions of race, language, class or tribe, Heaven is where God’s people will live in unity and diversely worshiping Jesus. Arrabon believes that churches and Christian communities are called to provide a foretaste of Heaven on earth. The ministry specializes in equipping the Church to reflect the diverse Kingdom of God by providing worship resources and cultural training that will lead to the reconciliation of Christian communities.

Arrabon shares 3 ways to seek reconciliation in your church and community.

1. Increase your cultural intelligence by learning other people’s stories.

2. Develop cross-cultural engagement skill.

3. Have the courage to engage in the hard work of reconciliation.

One of the first steps to seeking reconciliation is to pray. Arrabon shares a prayer for each of us seeking reconciliation:

“Lord, give me the courage to bear my own cross in the ministry of reconciliation. Open my heart to feel the brokenness in the world that causes my brothers and sisters pain. Give me ears to hear my brothers and sisters that think, speak, or act differently than me. Open my eyes to the ways I can be a bridge builder in my community. Help me see your image in everyone I meet and serve them like I’m serving Jesus. Amen”

Arrabon is hosting a conference March 23-25, 2017 for people who want to be equipped with practical resources for the ministry of reconciliation in a divided culture. Learn more here.

Visit Arrabon’s website or follow them on Facebook to learn how to get involved and help bring reconciliation to your church and community.

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