A lighthouse provides us with the powerful imagery of God’s light shining for us through the darkness. Lauren Green explains the imagery of the lighthouse as it relates to faith.

“It was an emotional time of my life. A friend of mine had just cared for me like a mother cares for any child who’s in pain. She brought me to her home. When I began to recover, when I began to feel better, I finally took much more notice of this photograph of a lighthouse that was on the dresser in the bedroom where I was staying.”

“It had always been there, that’s the thing – it had always been there. Finally, I looked at it and I wept because I knew I saw God saying, ‘I am with you always. I am this light and I will never leave you or forsake you.’”

“What I understand the lighthouse to be is this incredible sign of God’s love and His law. These two things or bound together and you don’t separate them. This is what makes Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross so powerful.”

Lauren expands on the interconnectedness of God’s law and His love for us through the lighthouse of faith.

“God is a God of covenants. Covenantal law means law of the heart, as well as law of the head; you can’t break these things. God, in His Love, created a way for Him to take the penalty of His own wrath in order to save us. The lighthouse is a sign of God’s love; of hope, of security, of mercy, grace, comfort in bad times, a landmark in good times, and it is always there.”

The lighthouse is a also sign of God’s law because of how it’s structured. Lauren points us towards Exodus 20:3,

“The beacon at the top of the lighthouse is like the beacon of The First Commandment, ‘I am the Lord your God, you should have no other gods before me.’”  

“When I see that lighthouse I say in my heart, look to the light. God is always saying, ‘Look to Me, look to the light.’  That’s where you’re going to find your comfort; that’s where you’re going to find your instructions on how to live your life.”

By reflecting on a lighthouse, we can remember that God’s love and law will always be there to direct our paths and shine a light for us in this darkened world.

Lauren Green currently serves as Fox News Channel’s (FNC) chief religion correspondent based in the New York bureau. She is author of the book Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog.

Looking to the light

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