How can we learn to steward the resources God has given us wisely? It begins by allowing God to have a say in how we spend, save and give our money.

Financial counselor Ron Blue explains the connection between our spending decisions verses spiritual decisions, and reminds us that our resources are really not our own.

“Every spending decision is a spiritual decision if you believe that God owns it all, because if you believe that God owns it all, then basically you’re spending His resources.”

“The most critical question is, ‘God what would you have me to do with this?’ And God is not sitting up in heaven wanting to strike us for overspending. He does say, ‘He gives us all things to enjoy’ (1 Timothy 6:17). So God is not a God of scarcity; God is a God of abundance.”

Ron wants us to recognize our need for Godly wisdom in every area of our lives, especially as it relates to our finances. He points out that it’s important to know where our priorities are to obtain financial freedom.

“I can tell my own priorities or other people’s priorities when you take a look at their checkbook and their tax return. You can determine what your goals and values and priorities are by the way you spend money. That’s not a critical thing; it can be a very freeing thing if I can put it into a framework that allows me to see what my priorities really are.”

We all want to be good stewards, but so often we put limitations on ourselves by using the word ‘should’; we should do this, we should not do that, etc. But Karen Guess, Ron’s daughter, reminds us that in doing so, we set ourselves up for financial tension and unrealistic measures.

By creating a welcoming environment for God, Karen says we will receive proper wisdom and direction.

With the Lord’s help and by seeking His wisdom, His truth – and being in a relationship with Him around the topic of our money – we create a welcoming environment in our financial life for Him to bring His kingdom purposes; to resolve some of those tensions, and to take us on a journey, rather than to have us be always measuring ourselves up against shoulds.”

God’s Word provides helpful principles that will teach us how to find direction, contentment, and freedom in our finances. By leaving room for God, we will be able to re-prioritize our lifestyle and steward His resources wisely.

Ron Blue has a God-given passion to help Christians plan and manage their finances in order to be able to maximize Kingdom giving. He is the founder of Ronald Blue & Co., the largest fee-only Christian financial planning firm in the country.

Karen Guess, a former educator, has spent the last eight years working closely with her father, Ron Blue, both editing and creating content for Kingdom Advisers and The Ron Blue Institute. Ron and his daughter Karen have written their first book together titled,  .

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