With the confusing messages that our youth are receiving in today’s culture, it has become increasingly difficult for them to discover who they really are.

As parents, teachers, and mentors, how can we help them understand that their worth and value is in Christ?

John Majors speaks to the reality of our fallen nature beginning in Genesis 3, and explains how we can help our teenagers discover their true identity.

“We’re weighed down with so many things and a lot of it’s a result of the fall, our own sin, our own insecurities, and trying to find significance in things apart from Christ. But I encourage young folks all the time to look at the book of Ephesians.”

“I just say turn to chapter one and read through all the things that are true of you. Just look for that phrase, ‘in Christ,’ or ‘in Him,’ and all of the things you’ve been redeemed from before the foundation of the world. All things are united in Christ; in Him we’ve taken on an inheritance, and just let that wash over you and hopefully bring about some renewal of mind and give you perspective.'”

“When you’re a teenager in high school, you’re in your own little world, and it’s hard to sometimes step back from it and get perspective and know that this isn’t the end of the world if this doesn’t work out; life’s going to continue. We can feel pretty overwhelmed, especially in those teen years where that maturity is still shaping up and still developing.”

There are many influences that shape a teen’s identity, including family members, friends, hobbies, and academics. But it’s important to remember that not all influences send messages that align with who they are in Christ. John points out that social media can be a great example of this.

“Our principal said it’s the number one issue they deal with is cyber bullying and social media challenges. We’re all still trying to figure out, even as adults, how do I use a phone properly and not let it overtake my world?”

We can help our youth understand who they are in Christ, despite the ways our culture defines them, by offering a biblical perspective.

John C. Majors creates resources for FamilyLife (a ministry of Cru), including Passport2Identity, and has contributed to The Art of Marriage video series, Stepping Up video series, and Passport2Purity. He also teaches for Cru across the United States and in other countries, training Cru staff in communication and Bible study. John and his family live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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