Since becoming a mom, does your marriage receive the attention it needs? Becky Thompson encourages you to remember what life was like when you first fell in love with your husband. Becky says the first step is to greet your spouse lovingly.

“How you greet your spouse when you are back together with them sets the tone for every other interaction that you have with them.”

“Whether we ignore them when they walk in the door and just sort of shout a, ‘Hello!’ over our shoulders, or whether we go to them and say, ‘I’m happy to see you!’ In any age or any season of being a wife or a mother, sometimes we overlook that opportunity to say, ‘I’m happy to see you’ and interact with your heart rather than say, or communicate, ‘I’m just ready for your help.’”

How do you greet your husband when he comes home? Becky understands that it is easy to feel overwhelmed as a mom, and yet still be present and attentive as a wife. She shares from personal experience.

“Sometimes I’m just ready for my husband to help with the kids; I’m ready to not be doing it alone at the house until he’s come home from work. I know that’s not the scenario everyone’s house, but I realize that I changed how I looked for my husband since that first day.

“When we first started dating, I would look out the window for him and I would wait for him to come.  I would anticipate our time together. Now when I look for him I’m thinking, ‘A few more minutes and daddy’s home and I’m not doing this by myself.’”

“It’s not that the action that has changed so much, because we might still greet our spouse. I might be the only one who doesn’t always run to the door to hug my husband if my kids are there hugging him. There might be women who still greet their husbands like they did when they first fell in love, but it’s the heart behind the action. It’s the intentionality behind the greeting. Are we doing it because it’s obligation? Or are we truly happy to see them? Are we welcoming them back into our space?”

Becky says that it’s important to greet your spouse in a loving way, on a daily basis. It can reignite romance in your marriage, and re-center your heart towards your husband. You can learn more about the 21-day challenge in Becky’s book .

Becky Thompson is the author of Scissortail SILK, a blog that draws a global audience of millions. Speaking to the often overlooked struggle of balancing life as a wife, mother, and a daughter of God, Becky has a captivating way of becoming the voice for women in need of hope, healing, and the Father’s love.

How do you greet your spouse?