Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone to experience God? Don Everts explains how God moments can bring us closer to the heart of God, and cause a ripple effect in our communities. He reviews the story of the woman at the well,

“In John 4, you have the woman at the well, who is a Samaritan woman, who interacts with Jesus. It’s so fascinating to watch Jesus befriend to her, build trust, and peak her curiosity. Jesus is great at evangelism and  that should not surprise us.”

“When she leaves, when his disciples come back, she leads her whole village out to Jesus. Her one God moment, her interaction with Jesus at the well, actually turns into this big thing – it’s a huge movement.”

Don and his team set out to discover people who are experiencing God moments on a regular basis. He explains the mindset and focus of these communities as it relates to interacting with others.

“They are trained and convinced, in those contexts, that every God moment may become a God movement. In other words, I’m not just thinking about sharing my faith with this friend of mine, and when I see him come to faith, celebrate and then take a vacation.”

“In these conversion communities, they’re saying there’s a God moment – someone came to faith. Is God maybe doing a God movement here? Who are the people in that person’s life? Who are their friends? What’s their work environment like? Might God be using this moment in their life to draw other people to faith?’”

We are all invited to be a part of what God is doing in our communities through daily encounters. Don shares another example of an interaction that turned into a movement of God.

“There’s a story of this girl who came to faith on this campus in San Diego. She struggled with different eating disorders, and someone said to her, ‘I wonder if God is maybe healing you, so that you would be a blessing to other people.’”

“This non-Christian, who just came to faith, immediately was thinking about, ‘maybe God wants to affect other women on this campus through me,’ and then they saw all these other people come to faith through her.”

Don Everts is minister of outreach at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield, Missouri, where he spends time cultivating relationships with people who are generally skeptical Christians with a passion for evangelism and global justice.

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