Living by faith isn’t easy in a secular world, but it’s notoriously difficult in Hollywood. Actor Kevin Sorbo says the massive success of the 2016 movie, , shows there’s a wide audience for faith-based films, an audience that the film industry doesn’t understand.

“Look at God’s Not Dead: that’s a $2 million movie which made $140 million, and still making money, and we couldn’t get on any of the mainstream media…In the history of Hollywood movies, (God’s Not Dead) is number five in rate of return on investment. It has 70 times the rate of return. “

“Obviously there’s an audience out there that want this kind of programming. It’s just that Hollywood’s not interested in making or promoting it. I don’t begrudge Hollywood for making the movies they make, but I don’t understand why there’s such a backlash against movies that have values and morals to it. But there is.” 

Despite this unsupportive, and at times outright hostile, environment, Sorbo dedicates his time and talent to creating films that don’t shy away from the realities of faith. In his upcoming release, Let There Be Light, Sorbo stars as a committed atheist who begins to question his unbelief.

“He’s in the world of Hitchens or Dawkins, sort of “the world’s most famous atheist,” and it’s his journey, what happens to him when he has a life-altering condition. He tries to get back together with his wife who’s a Christian, and two boys who he’s lost touch with. It’s about repairing a broken life.”

“(The story) deals with redemption. When you think everything is perfect in your life, there’s always going to a roadblock, so this movie deals with how do you react to that roadblock?

Let There Be Light is planned for release this fall (2017).

Film Preview: Let There Be Light