If we are going to share the gospel effectively in today’s culture, we will need to be disruptive. Pastor Mark DeYmaz explains how the body of Christ can repurpose the church and redeem our communities through disruption.

“To repurpose the church, to redeem the community, and increase our influence in society, it’s long past time for disruption. Creating new ways of thinking, doing things, and then handing people the new rules for how things work. This is what must happen to advance an incredible gospel in an increasingly diverse society.”

“If we have a disruptive God, and we do, surely He expects the local church to be disruptive as well.”

In disrupting the culture, does that mean that we have to adjust to it? How can we live in the world, but not of it as John 17 teaches us to do? Pastor DeYmaz says that this is a question he’s been pondering for nearly 30 years.

“Another way to state that question is that the church should not be informed by culture, rather, we should be informing culture.”

“Beginning with the church, if we disrupt the church culture; the way we think, see, do, and practice church in the 21st century, it will disrupt the way the society, the culture, sees the church and we will become influential.”

Disruption starts within the church body, and then causes a ripple effect around the world. But in order to be disruptive, we also have to understand the world in which we live in. Pastor DeYmaz wants to help churches get back in a position of leadership and influence in an increasingly diverse society.

“Today, have zero credibility on the single greatest issue of our times, this is all things racial. We’re not in the game; we’re not taken seriously. In fact, we’re having increasing restrictions slapped on us because we’re not engaged with culture in a meaningful way and in a way that they appreciate.”

A society that is now cynical and skeptical to the gospel message, could be disrupted by the transforming power of God’s Word. As followers of Christ, we can be a part of this movement.

Mark DeYmaz is an author, pastor, and recognized champion of the Multiethnic Church Movement. He planted the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas in 2001 and continues to serve as Directional Leader. He is author of several books including, 

Disrupting the culture with God's truth