Even if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, there is still a way to live comfortably, save money, and honor God with the resources He’s entrusted to you. But you’ll need to apply biblical principles to your finances on a daily basis. 

Financial analyst and advisor Ken Frenke says that regardless of your income, it’s important for you to do a heart evaluation to make sure your priorities are in the right place.

“When I’ve gone through a difficult time in the past, it’s an opportunity for me to search my heart and see where my affection lies. You can fill in the blank: Is it in my house? Is it in my car? Whatever it might be in, is that affection stronger than my affection for Christ? Where am I really placing my trust? It’s a great opportunity for somebody to really search their heart and see where they are, and sometimes having a good, mature friend can help you do that.”

As we identify areas of change, we will have a better understanding of how to apply God’s principles to our finances. Ken emphasizes the importance of applying godly principles in every area of our lives.

“Am I following God’s principles with my finances? Now, if I am and I’m applying them to the best of my ability, I don’t have a lot of debt and I’m trying to live within my means, well I may not have to change anything. I may just have to, in faith, continue to apply God’s principles for a longer period of time. But if there’s some area in my life where I’m not applying those principles, then I probably do need to make some adjustments.”

After looking into our own hearts, Ken suggests that we identify key areas where we can minimize or even eliminate unnecessary spending. Ken shares a few helpful examples,

“It’s a great opportunity to give up smoking, for example. Or maybe have a less expensive car; maybe it’s better to have an older car that just costs a lot less for you to operate and that might make the difference.”

“You just have to look at all those areas and maybe somebody can help you with that. It doesn’t have to be a professional, it could be a good friend that you see they’ve got extra money here and there at the in the month and wonder, ‘What do they do that’s different than what I’m doing?’ Sit down and talk to them, learn from somebody else.”

By applying biblical principles to our lives, we will have a better understanding of how to honor God with our resources and stay on the path to financial freedom.

For over 20 years, Ken Frenke has helped people, from all walks of life and all economic levels, manage their money wisely. Many people know Ken from the radio, as the financial commentator on 1000 radio stations nationwide for SRN News and a weekly guest on Moody Broadcasting’s PrimeTime America.

A biblical path to financial freedom