Jesus returned to the earth for 40 days after His resurrection before His ascension into the presence of God. While it doesn’t always receive attention, it is possibly one of the most significant periods of time on the church calendar.  

David Bryant offers a fresh perspective on what the disciples might have been thinking when they saw the risen Christ, and how we can make the 40 days after the resurrection a significant part of our spiritual journey.

“If I was of those disciples, everything I would have heard for the first three years, would take on a totally new meaning for me when I saw that the one who taught them is now alive from the dead. Something that is absolutely impossible; a miracle beyond even the creation of the universe.”

“What it gives me is what I call ‘King Jesus glasses’. It gives me a whole new way of looking at everything, including even looking at the gospels in the light of how all of this is now reflected in one who has conquered the dead, then, at the end of forty days ascended and He sat down at the right hand of the father. It just it puts everything in a new light.”

What was Jesus doing during those 40 days on earth? How does it relate to our faith today? David shares his personal thoughts,

“I assume what He was doing during those 40 days, is taking them back over a lot of what He already talked to them about, but helping to the see it in a new way because now they could see it in light of eternity, in light of the victories, in light of the future. The resurrection has already begun with Jesus so, in a sense, the future is already there in front of them.”

Jesus was able reiterate His teachings and demonstrate to His followers that He truly was alive. This gave the disciples the evidence, conviction and assurance they needed to share the gospel message around the world.

“Those 40 days were absolutely essential so that they knew He was alive from the dead, they knew He was victorious, they knew that the kingdom was real, and that He was the King.”

“When He finally sent them out to the ends of the earth, they would know exactly why they were going and who they were going for, and be able to stand up even against the greatest resistance in order to press forward in this wonderful mission that all of us still share in, which is to bring the gospel to the people of the earth.”

David Bryant provides leadership to PROCLAIM HOPE! whose mission is to “foster and serve a nationwide Christ-awakening movement”. Over the past 40 years, David has been defined by many as a messenger of hope and a Christ-proclaimer to the Church throughout the world.

40 days after the resurrection
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