God’s power extends through His surrendered people, regardless of age or location.

Consider young Sophie Scholl. She grew up in Nazi Germany and watched as Hitler came to power and brought spiritual darkness to her country. She and a group of young Germans, including her brother Hans, formed a secret group that sought to stop the Nazi regime from spreading. The White Rose distributed leaflets and used speech as a non-violent tool to open the eyes of Germany.

Sophie, her brother Hans, and a third member of the resistance group were caught when distributing anti-Nazi leaflets. The three of them were brought before the notorious Hanging Judge Roland Freisler on February 22, 1943, for a show trial. Sophie and Hans’ attorneys, hired by the state, offered no defense for their clients.

In his book,  , Ace Collins notes how Sophie handled the scrutiny.

“Though the two male defendants seemed nervous and frightened by the judge’s bombastic style, Sophie appeared relaxed despite facing a charge of high treason. The courtroom was circled with Nazi flags. Even with the judge screaming at her, ‘Look at what the Fuhrer has done for you!’ she remained calm. She knew she had no chance at any verdict but guilty, but she was convinced the publicity created by the trial would do more to spread the message of the White Rose than a thousand fliers.”

The judge ruled them guilty and the court roared its approval. Over the noise of the courtroom, Sophie’s voice carried.

“You will be standing where we are standing.”

Sophie’s execution was carried out within a few hours of the ruling. As she walked to the execution chamber, she declared,

“The sun is still shining.”

God was still with her. Her demeanor frightened the guards around her. Her peace in the face of death was unexpected for them – but it calls to the words of Romans 14:8.

“If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.”

Sophie and her story have been shared in books and movies since her death. Her execution did indeed bring more attention to the dangers of Nazism than the movement she helped launch. Though she was young, her impact is felt decades later. God used a young woman in Nazi Germany to launch a revolution – how will He use you?

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 11

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Highlight : Sophie Scholl – a woman of courage

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