Many Christians live with a perception that a majority of the world despises them. However, is this perception reality?

According to Ed Stetzer of LifeWay research, our cultures perception of Christians might not be what we thought it was.

“You know what most people think about Christians? – Nothing. They’re not sitting around saying they’re bad people. There is this sense right now in our culture that the Christian message is sort of marginalized.”

While this may be true, Christians have the power to bring that message into the center of culture.

“Nobody is keeping you from sharing the Gospel; you can share your faith at work in culturally appropriate ways. I can’t say to one of my employees if you love Jesus you’ll get a promotion, but I can share my faith at work.”

As Christians, we perceive that we are already despised by our culture and so we avoid doing anything that might cause us to become more hated by culture.

“Christians are talking themselves out of evangelism by over-reading the culture’s view of them to be more negative than it is.”

As Christians in America, we can share our faith with minimal persecution and we must make every effort to do so.

“For 2,000 years people have had a lot more difficulty sharing their faith and a lot harder time than we have. You might get someone to look at you with some disdain, but that’s it. This is the level of your persecution that somebody looks at you with disdain and yet you don’t share the Gospel?”

The fact of the matter is, God calls Christians to share the Gospel at any cost.

“Even if it is in a difficult space, then there’s a price to be paid when you do that because Jesus died on the cross for your sins in your place and we’re called to do this.”

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