In this day and age, conservatives are viewed and intolerant and resistant to change and liberals are viewed as accepting and progressive.

However, are conservatives really less intolerant compared to liberals? Kim Holmes looks at the true status of tolerance in today’s world.

“The glaring contradiction between what they profess to believe in and what many of them are actually doing in the name of progressivism is so huge that I thought I need to get to the bottom of this.”

Kim has written a book titled The Closing of the Liberal Mind that is aimed at educating conservatives about what’s going on in their cultural landscape, but the book is also for liberals as well. Kim wants liberals to see how intolerance is a two-way street.

“I want to try to explain and say you can’t have it both ways because they’re part of the same problem, you have to understand that you are enabling this kind of radicalism because you’re not really getting to the root of how it’s destroying the constitutional order and value system of America, which you as a progressive should be trying to preserve.”

While liberals are clamoring for tolerance, they are simultaneously attempting to stifle the voices of conservatives and Christians. The same intolerance they perceive in conservatives exists in themselves.

Liberals and conservatives alike spend are exposed to perspectives that affirm their preconceived beliefs and spend little time learning about the perspective from the other side.

In order to have an informed and healthy perspective on how to respond to culture, it’s important to have a solid understanding of both sides of the aisle.

As Christians, when we understand the different perspectives we can weigh and measure them against the Word of God. When we do this, we shape our truth and reality based on what God says and not what our world tells us is right or wrong.

Highlight: What does it mean to be intolerant?

The Closing of the Liberal Mind