Are you worried your child will abandon their faith when they head off to college?

Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries help us understand how we can answer the tough questions young people have about life and faith.

“What they are really looking for is answers about who God is, and what life really means.”

Summit Ministries seeks to come alongside young people as they ask these questions and provide a solid Biblical response.

“God forgives, let’s keep going and try to find the answers about what God really means to your life, who He is, and how He answers these questions you’re really grappling with.”

We all have regrets. According to Jeff, when we experience grace for those regrets, it strengthens our ability to witness to others.

“So many times, the students who have real regrets are the ones who experience God’s grace in a powerful way and become terrific spreaders of the good news.”

How can we reach out to young people?

According to Jeff, relationship and truth are the two key aspects for reaching young people.

“Truth and relationships always have to be intertwined together for people to have long-term change and be able to reproduce and be an ‘influencer’ rather than being influenced by the culture.”

Jeff says that if churches and parents don’t provide truth along with positive relationship, young people will fall prey to culture.

“The young adult is thinking, ‘how could I credibly communicate that with my classmates in school or when I’m in the breakroom at work. If I were to say something like that I would be laughed out of the room.’

Deep down, young people want to own a faith that makes sense and is compelling to other people, but they don’t know how to get there.

That’s where parents, churches, and Summit Ministries come in. Summit offers conferences across the country for students who want to become equipped to stand up for and share their faith in our secular culture. For more information about Summit student conferences, click here.

Highlight: What are young people looking for?

How can we reach young people?