Highlight: Sharing the gospel in Baghdad

Imagine sharing the truth of Jesus Christ amidst bombings and Christian persecution? That’s where Pastor Joseph Francis calls home.

God is working in powerful ways in places like Baghdad, where Pastor Joseph’s church is making a difference. While there is much unrest, Pastor Joseph believes he is exactly where God has called him to be.

“All my family have immigrated to Sweden, but I am staying here. Every day and week they call me tell me to come back from Baghdad, for it’s a very bad situation here. But this is where God has called me. When God’s calling enters your heart and you decided to obey him, you decide to stay and do his work.”

Pastor Joseph encourages all of us to allow God to use us, no matter where we find ourselves. 

“You can serve Him in churches or in ministry, sure, but wherever you are, you should be usable by Him. I believe that God has used me in my city with my people and the fruit is the answer, the fruit in our church is the answer.”

Pastor Joseph is always looking for ways to reach the people in Baghdad. He asked the Baghdad governor permission to build some stages and pulpits in the streets and parks so that the people could hear about Jesus. And, it’s working. Even the governor has come to know Christ.

“We are sharing with Muslims the good news of Jesus Christ, and this governor is now coming to our church and he is a born again believer.”

Pastor Joseph hopes to change the negative perception many in Baghdad have of Jesus and instead share the light of the gospel with all who will listen.

Joseph Francis is the pastor of Jesus is the Light of the World Church in Baghdad, Iraq. Joseph came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior in 1998 and began serving in Baghdad in 1999. He became president of the Alliance churches in Iraq in 2011. Pastor Joseph lives with his wife and children in Baghdad.

Sharing the gospel in Baghdad