As Christians, we are the bride of Christ who is awaiting the arrival of our Bridegroom. We have a specific calling on our lives to become cosmic wedding planners during this waiting period.

“We are anticipating, awaiting and preparing for the cosmic wedding to come.”

Noted artist, writer, and speaker Makoto Fujimura elaborates on the planning process,

“As wedding planners we are thinking about, ‘How do I best up lift the celebration and how do I prepare it?’

“You want to have the best musicians, you want to choreograph the best dance, have the best meal, have the best poetry, the best theatre…all of the arts represented in a wedding.”

How are we doing in preparing for this cosmic wedding? How can we be a part of this preparation by honoring God with our gifts and talents?

Makoto reminds us that we all have an important role to embrace in preparing for the wedding celebration.

“Graphic designers, the plumbers, everybody is going to be called into this amazing dance at the end of time, an amazing feast.”

Over the years, there has been a decline of the appreciation of beauty and the cultivation of creativity in our culture. Makoto encourages us to become more intentional.

“If we look back into history, especially the 20th century Protestant history, we have not done well to cultivate the next generations of the best musicians, the best artist, best filmmakers, chefs, etc.

“The time is here that we intentionally begin to raise the next generation to commit to creativity. This is going to take several generations of commitment to beauty, to worship, to bring together this understanding that God is so gratuitous with His gifts to us in creation.”

We are called by God to create beauty and bring transcendent realities into the world in preparation for Christ’s return. Makoto elaborates on this truth,

“There are useless things everywhere that are screaming beauty through the mysteries of life and creation.

“We need to, as co-heirs, creators and makers, submit ourselves to this grand narrative that we need to become that beautiful artwork of God. A Church needs to be beautiful.”

Highlight: Preparing for Christ’s return

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