“Everything you’re doing today is in preparation for what’s coming tomorrow.”

Motivational speaker Gail McWilliams, author of  , reveals the power of sowing seeds around the world and reaping the harvest of blessing.

“My friend Gary was out in the field planting seeds. He had already determined that whatever came up out of that particular area he was going to give it away. He was going to sow it as seeds into someone else’s life. We happened to be the foundation, the ministry that he chose.”

Around the same time, Gail was scheduled to speak to the nation of Spain for several weeks and was considering ways to sow seeds through her ministry.

“We thought, ‘wouldn’t be great if we could take some books in the language that they spoke?’  We would leave that as seed in the nation but we had a problem, we needed the funding to do that.”

The harvest that Gary planted was the exact amount they needed to print books for Spain. Those books are still penetrating this nation today. Gail helps us to realize the impact our seeds can make, far beyond our reach.

“You’re doing the mundane and going ‘Oh woe is me,’ but what if the mundane that you’re doing is actually going to be seeds in someone else’s life that’s going to reach around the globe?”

Although our work seems to be mundane sometimes, God can use our seeds to create a bountiful harvest around the world.

“Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed.” Ecclesiastes 11:6

We may never know the power of our seeds, or which ones will grow next.

“Why not give yourself away as seeds and see what God will do?”

Gail encourages us to continually sow seeds for others and live a life of fulfillment now.

“Most people live their life empty and they die full. They die full of ideas and inventions that they’ve never brought to the world; they die with books that they were going to write and all the things that they were going to do. Don’t you think it’s time to turn that around and go on and live big and die empty?”

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