Every $30 you give provides one radio. Every radio you give has the power to reach 25 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Give a radio.

Far East Broadcasting Company is broadcasting the life-changing Word of God in 40 countries and in 100 languages, and we heard from over 9 million listeners in 2015 alone. So many tell us that, after hearing about the hope of Christ on an FEBC station, their lives have been transformed.

The Hmong tribe in Southeast Asia live in remote mountain villages, in fear of evil spirits they believe surround their home. But since FEBC began broadcasting to this part of the world, hundreds of thousands of Hmong have given their lives to Christ! They say:

“Everyone who accepts the Christian faith does it through your radio program. We want to thank God that we have come to accept the faith. We’re very happy to receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the ministry of your radio program. Because the Lord delivered us, we are no longer under the bondage of evil spirits.”

In Pakistan, one listener found our station and said,

“I was attracted by the broadcaster’s kind voice and I found myself tuning in every night. I was intrigued by the remarkable news I was hearing for the first time: forgiveness, eternal life, and a loving God.”

He came to accept Christ through the witness of FEBC broadcasters and has become a powerful witness to many others in a Muslim-dominant country where the Gospel is not welcome.

Many of these people have no other way to hear the Gospel!

But radio can go where missionaries can’t—over dangerous terrain, into closed countries, and to isolated people groups. Our broadcasts are heard in many countries where Christianity is opposed. Broadcasts also reach hidden people without access to the Gospel, such as illiterate or blind people, people sentenced to labor camps and other prisoners.

Hear more about the power and importance of radio in spreading the Gospel. 

The power of a radio

Interview with Ed Cannon, President of FEBC

Get involved

FEBC is fueled completely by private donations from friends like you who want to see the Gospel reach go to the hardest-to-reach places. The potential for outreach is unlimited in God’s master plan. We have thousands of requests for radios, which is why we’re inviting you to participate in giving a radio today.

Give a gift $30, $60, or $90 to provide radios to people who need to hear God’s Word.

Listeners all over the world are asking for radios because they want to know more about the living God, who has the power to restore hope. Share the Gospel by giving a radio today!

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