Is technology working for you or against you?

One of the controversial pieces of technology is the cell phone. They go with us where ever we go, and house an unlimited amount of information and distraction.

According family expert Arlene Pellicane the key is having the self-control necessary for the phone to work for you and not become a hindrance.

Technology is an integral part of adult life in America and children are becoming increasingly dependent on screens.

“Sometimes you see a little baby in the shopping cart at the grocery store and they are mesmerized, they are missing every single interaction that could be happening in that store.”

All we have to do is go into a public place where people are waiting to catch a train or plane and you’ll see everyone pre-occupied with their devices. We no longer seem interested in communicating with anyone we don’t absolutely have to.

Arlene tells a story about how she gained a friend while riding on a plane, an opportunity she probably wouldn’t have had if she had been distracted by technology.

“Those kinds of moments are not necessarily happening because we’re in technology, but I think what’s even more sad is that not only are we not communicating with commuters, we aren’t connecting with our families.”

When we are in line at the coffee shop, we are conditioned to pull out our phones and scroll through a web page when we could invest in those around us.

We are slowly losing the ability to connect with people we don’t know and we take the convenient, coward’s way out and we bury ourselves in our phones.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

When was the last time you were still and simply spent time alone with God? God doesn’t want us to be constantly distracted and preoccupied, if we are, we miss out on precious time with Him.

“In all these little pauses, instead of reaching for your phone at a red light, that could be a time to offer a prayer to the Lord.”

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