How is technology affecting our relationship with God both as a nation and as individuals?

Alex McFarland discusses the connection between the increase of technology and decline of morality.

“The rise of technology has been parallel with a corresponding decrease of morality. We are unique generation in history when we’ve got technology no other generation ever had and yet we’ve lost morality that every other generation did have.”

One of the most recent technological advances is in the realm of genetics, where scientists are mixing genes from humans and animals together. Many think that this oversteps our bounds as humans under a sovereign creator.

“Will they be able to create some hybrid, unredeemable, human-animal race? I don’t know, but I do know that as long as the world stands, whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.”

We’ve allowed technology to become the focal point of our lives and failed to keep God at the center, and it has led to moral decay.

“We need the Spirit of God to restrain evil and that’s why I’m an apologist. I find myself more and more talking to audiences about revival and repentance and I know it probably sounds simplistic, but it is simple, we need to say to God, “I’m sorry for sins, God I need you, I’ve been living as if I were autonomous, please forgive me and restore me.”

Alex firmly believes a nation will experience revival if there is revival in the hearts of the individuals.

“In logic, there is this thing called the law of compositio. The parts make up the whole, when the citizens are godly, the nation will be godly.”

Highlight: How does technology affect our relationship with God?

Technological advancement and moral decline