Have you ever wanted to teach your children about complex theological concepts, but don’t know how?

Family pastor and author Marty Machowski has written a book called  which aims to help parents do just that.

In his book, Marty translates the theology of the Christian faith in terms that kids as young as five year of age can understand.

Sin & The Fall

To help kids understand how sin impacts our lives as believers, he uses a picture of a bird perched on a glass of water.

“The bird’s droppings are falling into the glass, so there is bird poop in the glass. You know it’s just a little bit of bird poop, but would you really drink that water if it landed there? If one tiny bit got there it would be ruined, so sin ruins our lives.”

Substitutionary atonement

Another complex theological concept is how Jesus’s sacrifice pays the price for our sins. To help kids understand this concept, Marty uses a baseball analogy.

“What happens when the pitcher fails, they bring in a substitute. The new pitcher comes in and he pitches a perfect inning, strikes out all the batters. He saves the game for the pitcher before him.”

In the case of our salvation, Jesus is our relief pitcher and our closer.

“Jesus is the ultimate relief, he is the second Adam, he came in and he saved us from sin, he lived a perfect life, he never sinned at all and then he took our bad record upon him, then he gives us his good record, he makes that exchange. We can place our trust in Him because we are sinners, and we can’t trust ourselves to be perfect which is what God requires to get to heaven.”

Highlight: How can I teach my kids theology?

How can I teach my kids about theology?