Native American youth face significant challenges with alcohol, drugs, and alarmingly high rates of suicide. 

Although Native youth still have a deep sense of spirituality, spiritual darkness often tries to invade their lives. Speaker and evangelist Ron Hutchcraft, encourages us to get involved in sharing the message of hope with our Native brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Native people are so very spiritual, it is easy for the enemy to exploit that by causing them to summon the spirit world on many occasions, for many reasons.”

“The Bible does reveal to us, tragically, that if you summon the spiritual world, but you’re not going through Jesus, what you get is the other part of the spiritual world that brings darkness.”

They don’t realize this, but they are actually summoning a dark stronghold into their lives.

What can help break these strongholds? Hope.

Hope isn’t just an encouraging word for times of trouble, it has the power to transform. Ron shares his personal definition of hope,

“For me a definition of hope that works is it doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been.”

Hope has the power to break strongholds and change any season in our lives.

We can compare it to changing weather patterns. People from northern climates know what it’s like to live with a long, cold, snowy winter, but we have the hope of spring coming around the corner.

Ron says that people who don’t have this hope of change, often experience times of hopelessness.

“Hopelessness means it’s always going to be winter for me; it’s always been cold, it’s always been dark, it’s always been lonely, etc.”

With Jesus, the sun can shine through our lives again. Jesus has the power to conquer the darkness.

“Hope has a name; His name is Jesus. Hope means things that never could change before, now can change because of the power of a risen Christ who conquered death and can conquer the darkness inside each of us.”

Each summer, Ron and his team powerfully shares the gospel on reservations across the United States through On Eagles’ Wings ministry.

You can get involved and offer hope of the gospel to Native American troubled youth by visiting Hope for Native America’s Website.

Highlight: Hope and healing for Native American youth

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