Mikey’s addiction to opiates and alcohol had disconnected him from God. Through finding Jesus Christ, he was able to find true freedom from his addiction.

“That relationship with the Lord was missing from my life, and that’s what we all need. That’s what we all need as much as we need air. I think that people that are out there using and drinking and all of that, that’s what they’re looking for.”

Addiction is idolatry, and sobriety without Jesus is still idolatry. Mikey’s journey is an illustration that idolatry.

“I had a lot of experience attempting the 12 Steps during my struggles and the problem was figuring out my higher power. From my background in ministry, I knew that Jesus Christ was my higher power. But trying to establish that relationship, I couldn’t just do in the recovery room on my own. I needed that connection. I needed to be part of a body, a church, prayer. I needed that. I love the 12 Steps, but I knew I needed the ultimate connection.”

George makes it clear that our highest power is indeed Jesus Christ and it’s because of God’s grace that one even begins to get sober:

“A higher power of my understanding can be a god of my own creation, and that’s why you’re in the program it to begin (with), because you are your own god. I hear people say, ‘How did you (get sober)?’ and people will tell him how they did it. You didn’t do it! You didn’t even want to do it! God did it all for you!”

Mikey found sobriety at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, there are nearly 250 Teen Challenge locations nationwide that are open for adults, teens, and even women with children.

Highlight – God and recovery

God and recovery