Gender identity is one of the most complicated and sensitive issues of our day. Author David Wheaton discuss how Christians should respond to transgender and other gender identity issues in our culture.

Why do people attempt to change their gender?

“It comes from our sinful nature, some people will have this temptation in life to want to be a different gender then they were born with, some people will have the temptation to be an adulterer, we all have different temptations that are particular to who we are.”

The temptation to change gender through surgeries is no different than any other sinful temptation and will lead to the same results.

“Getting a surgery, taking hormones, or dressing a certain way only exacerbates the problem. There’s not going to be a greater fulfillment when I ‘become who I really am,’ that’s the biggest lie in this whole discussion about gender identity.”

David suggests that those struggling with this temptation embrace the gender God gave them, but also embrace their identity in Christ.

“It’s spiritual conversion therapy, as in coming to a point of understanding that this is a sin and we need to repent of it and we need to turn to faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.”

Those who associate with being transgender must realize that their desire is sinful and turn from it so that sanctification can begin.

“When we begin to understand God’s purpose and intent for why he created us a certain way and the different roles and responsibilities of men and women and we start pursuing that in the power of the Holy Spirit, then there truly is change that can take place and we can overcome this particular temptation.”

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