In the midst of drug and alcohol addiction, there is hope for transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Transformation through Christ is at the heart of the ministry of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. MNTC’s Executive Director Pastor Rich Scherber elaborates the importance of this Christ-centered recovery program.

“That is the only reason Teen Challenge is really working. The long term program is where people really get the solid discipleship that they need. With the level of addicts who we’re seeing walk through the doors at Teen Challenge, you put them through 3-4 weeks of treatment and they’re not even sober yet.”

Addiction is no respecter of persons; it can happen to anyone. Pastor Rich points out that many addictions are a result of prescription drug abuse.

“We’re seeing good, healthy, normal people turning into raging drug addicts because of their treatment they’re getting often times from the medical community – it has to change.”

“We’re seeing the other end of it. The doctors won’t prescribe opiates anymore or their amphetamines, then they turn to the harder drugs, the street drugs, and that’s where life really gets out of control.”

A former MNTC resident shares her testimony about the night that Jesus set her free from her heroin addiction.

“I had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit during a spiritual emphasis week. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I’ve never felt so much love.”

No drug could ever produce the spiritual high that God gave her that night.

“My addiction was so bad at the end that I was only injecting into my neck. The Lord just blessed me with this experience that was like, ‘This is what high feels like – this is my love for you.’ I literally was torn apart by that.

“From that moment on I hit the ground running, I was so on fire for the Lord and never was going to look back. I just want to serve him every day from now until eternity. That was my freedom moment and it just keeps getting better.”

Jesus Christ has the power to break any chain of addiction. If you or a loved one is held in bondage from addiction call 1-612-FREEDOM or visit Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s website for more information.

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