As Christians we are called to love God and love other people, but could evangelism really be that simple?

“We need to understand that we have been given such an incredible gift that has met our deepest need in Jesus that if we can help someone else have their deepest need met, it is the greatest treasure we could give somebody.”

Our motivation in sharing the gospel should be because of our love for others. Author and president of Q PlaceMary Schaller, believes that evangelist opportunities start with strong relationships not guilt or obligation.

“It should be Christ’s love that compels us. Our desire to make disciples and to help somebody see the good news about Jesus should be out of love, not out of guilt, obligation or a sense of duty.”

If we aren’t reaching out to people with love, they can read right through us. However when we reach out with genuine love, people respond to the authenticity and strong relationships can be built.

“When you start to go deeper with somebody through a well-positioned questions that are not manipulative, but out of your own curiosity and desire to understand, it makes a big difference.”

Love isn’t always tangible, but it is one of the most important steps. There are ways we can show intangible love in our actions. Love can manifest itself in the simplest of ways.

“We can show love in a variety of ways including, listening, asking questions, noticing, and praying. Iit might be as simple as getting someone a drink of water when they are thirsty, or when somebody is sick in your neighborhood, bringing them some soup and flowers. Those things help people feel like they matter and that they’re important.”

When others realize that they matter as individuals, then there is a foundation that will allow for deeper conversations about faith.

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