As Christians, we’re often afraid of offending people when standing up for our faith. However, do we have the right to be offensive if we are truly standing up for our faith in a Christ-like way?

Carmen LeBerge from the Presbyterian Layman Committee shares a call for Christians to remember their right to religious expression.

“One of the things that Christians absolutely need to know is the first amendment protects the absolute free exercise of religion.”  

Some atheist groups get so frustrated about Christians displaying their faith in forms such as a nativity scene. However, they don’t get nearly as upset when it comes to displays of pagan beliefs.

“Are the freedom from religion people just as twisted up about these installations of pagan idols that are being set up?”

In the United States, Christian has just as much right to display a nativity scene as any other religion has to display an image representing their faith, even if it happens to offend someone.

“It’s your right to be offensive, you have every right to be offensive. That’s where my hope is that Christians aren’t made afraid by freedom from religion, but are able to stand up and stand firm and speak the truth, winsomely, knowledgeably, and forcefully when necessary.”

Carmen reminds Christians that ultimately, God is the Lord and all and Christ will return and every knee will bow to Him in the end.

“I don’t need to make that happen, that’s going to happen by God’s own promise and the fulfillment of his own revealed words. I don’t need to feel compelled to make that happen in every conversation, but I need to be the person who gives that reality a voice.”

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Do you know your rights?