Highlight: Change agents for God

Contrary to what you may see in the news or social media postings, positive change is happening around the world.

Where is God calling you to make a difference?

Stephan Bauman says if we aren’t quite sure, it will help to reflect on three basic areas in life: experience, passion and relationships.

“The experience; what we have wisdom in.”

“Secondly, where we’re passionate; where we’re excited.”

“Thirdly, where our relationships are; the people that we know. If you make a list of the people that you know from your local community to your church; to school, to your workplace and across the world.”

Stephan points out that the intersection of these areas provide great insight into our calling from God.

“I encourage people to do the work on that; draw a picture, make some notes and you’ll be surprised what you find out and where you’re already connected and where you might be helpful in solving some of the world’s greatest problems.”

Solving the world’s largest problems doesn’t require a specific education, career or income level – it requires a heart for change. Stephan encourages Christians to find something within our intersection and be committed to that call on our lives.

“Once you kind of zero in on something; whether it’s water solutions in a part of the world, trafficking, or maybe it’s the refugee issue, choose one thing you feel passionate about it, you have some experience that you might be able to lend, and you have a network of relationships, and stay with it for a long time.”

“Spend a lifetime in it, spend a couple of years focusing on that issue; learn about it, meet people who are working on the same thing, listen to the non-profit leaders that are working in that space, etc., you’ll be surprised how God leads us all.”

Many of us don’t feel like we are qualified or have what it takes to make a difference in the world, but we are reminded that God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.

“Take a small step; think about where God has led you already and start to connect with some people.”

God wants to use our experience, passion and friendships for His glory and eternal purposes. Stephan testifies to this truth,

“People who felt like, ‘There’s nothing I can do,’ suddenly are able to say, ‘Wow I’m able to do something really meaningful that has helped these people in this part of the world, or in my own community.’”

“They can step in with both feet, confident that can actually fulfill God’s calling without necessarily ever changing their job, their career, going to school, etc., but leveraging and leaning into desires passion, experience and friendships.”

Stephan Bauman is former president and CEO of World Relief, an international relief and development organization that serves more than five million vulnerable people each year through more than 100,000 church-based volunteers. Bauman is author of several books including  .

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