Highlight: The case for life

In today’s political climate, how can we affirm the case for life? Kim Ketola describes how Planned Parenthood’s stance on abortion has shifted over the years, but not in a direction that affirms the sanctity of human life.

“Before Roe vs. Wade in the 1960’s, Planned Parenthood, in their materials, told their clientele that it was a baby and that abortion was not acceptable. This is a recent development for them that abortion is morally neutral and that women need it.”

“They fight very hard against the message that it’s detrimental to women…to any women. They’re quite cruel in the way that they attack those who bring the message that some women may be hurt. To me it’s nonsensical.”

Kim explains how her own perspective has shifted since having an abortion at the age of 23.

“My ideology really has shifted as I’ve learned more through the years. In the beginning, I was called to tell my testimony of healing after abortion. I was very ignorant about the pro-life movement. I had a stereotype in mind of angry protesters and really didn’t want to be identified with that.”

The more she learned about the pro-life movement, the more she wanted to get involved.

“Abortion is legal; some are hurt by it. I’m offering them help. Why in the world would you object to that? Because it sheds light on the real problems that exist with what they’re selling.”

We can affirm the case for human life by taking a stance. Kim shares a few helpful suggestions on where to get informed and how to stay involved.

“There are a number of things we can do. Scott Klusendorf’s book  is excellent. I would go to YouTube and look for his debates with Nadine Strossen. They are wonderful representations of the two points of view argued from logic, and how to make the case on either side.”

“I’m available to come and speak to schools; I have an underwriting grant so Christian schools can bring me in to speak and do that training.”

Kim stresses the importance of supporting local pregnancy centers, maternity homes and adoption services.

“Washington D.C. is where the laws are made, but abortions are happening in our neighborhoods. We need to be active locally, offering people a real choice; whether it would be to place the child for adoption or to parent.”

“We all need to know what that local center is so we can make referrals. We need to support them with our dollars, with our time and with our prayers.”

Kim Ketola is the host and executive producer of Cradle My Heart Radio – a companion to her award-winning book of the same title. Kim’s work in Twin Cities broadcasting at KS95, KTIS and WCCO while known as “Kim Jeffries” led to her Induction to the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2013.

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