Are you a perfect mom or an authentic woman?

When we embrace our brokenness, are honest about our imperfections and strive to walk in authenticity our relationships can grow stronger. Jill Savage shares the value of authenticity and dispels the myth of the perfect mom.

“My life was definitely not perfect and it never has been. I really felt like if I was going to call women to authenticity, I have to do it myself.”

Jill has been open about how mental illness, depression, and cancer have shaped her family’s story and how God has moved them to redemption.

“We have really seen God redeem that brokenness place in our lives and I share that very openly now.”

Despite all the fear of judgment and condemnation, Jill and her husband discovered that being open and honest about their struggles actually helped them get through the tough times.

“I wanted moms to know that even though somebody maybe an author, speaker, or leader, we often think, ‘oh, their life is together, they wouldn’t understand my life,'”

“The truth is, we all have struggles, we all have broken places in our world and we need to share them more honestly.”

When we are vulnerable and transparent with our struggles, it often inspires others to do the same.

“We tell ourselves, ‘if I’m honest with people they won’t want to be my friend, or they’ll think less of me, I certainly thought that in the beginning.”

“But I have found exactly the opposite, I have found that people are drawn to honesty, I have found that they appreciate authenticity.”

Highlight: Are you honest about your imperfections?

No more perfect moms