Are you worn out and not enjoying motherhood like you thought you would?

Arlene Pellicane shares the good news that the keys to being a happy mom are within your reach.

One of the most important things for moms to do when they feel like they’re at their wits end in parenting is to pray.

“It is the thing to do, when you are looking at that child and you are thinking ‘Lord I have no idea what to do please help me,’ that popcorn prayer shooting up to God is going to make a huge difference in your life.”

As moms and dads we can become so busy that we don’t set aside time to maintain our relationship with God, an essential ingredient to effective parenting.

“We think ‘Well I can’t pray, I’m too busy.‘”

Even if we are busy, it is important to take time to pray, even if it isn’t glamorous.

“The prayer time for a mom might not look like a sun streaming in through the window kind of time sitting there listening to God, but it might be five minutes in the morning.”

There are many things that moms have to let go for the sake of raising their children. However, prayer is not one of them.

“We can’t put our prayer life on the shelf, just because we are busy moms.”

According to Arelene, we have a tendency to find our answers on Google instead of God.

“What happens when our kid has a cold, what do we do? We Google ‘three-day’ mucus. There is nothing wrong with that, but we forget praying all together and we find all our answers from Google.”

We have to go to God before we go to Google.

It’s also important for moms to have an attitude of perseverance during the toughest times of motherhood.

“I have thick skin, I am tough, and I’m going to get there.”

As moms, we can’t be afraid to be the bad guy if we know it’s what is best for our children.

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