Are Christians different than secular culture?

David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Research Group explains how more and more Christians are beginning to mirror secular society.

“We have found that there aren’t as many differences between Christians and the general population now.”

This is partially due to the fact that a large part of the general population are self-identified Christians.

However, Barna found that the more committed the Christian is the greater the difference compared to the general population.

“So it depends a little bit on where you draw the line, as to what counts as a Christian, the more committed the Christian, the more different he or she will be in their attitudes about life, the kinds of media they’re consuming, the way they think about the world.”

Our world is quickly turning its face away from God, if we find ourselves mirroring we the world, we might be in trouble.

According to Kinnaman, Christians resemble the world in the area of morality as well.

“We find even in this new research study that the moral perspectives of today’s Christians often so closely mirror the world that you can’t even really tell the difference.”

For instance, a huge percentage of people believe that the best way to find yourself is to look within yourself.  However, as Christians, we know we should find our identity in God.

One of the biggest differences David and his colleagues found were the differing views on Scripture. Even among those who have a Biblical worldview, there were a wide range of response in terms of social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

“I think part of what we really want to remind people of is that it’s not so much about whether you’re just in the (church) building, it’s sort of your posture before God’s Word and before what God is asking us to do with our lives.”

Highlight: Are Christians any different than secular culture?

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