Facing Election Day fears

This year’s political chaos has a majority of Americans living in fear of the future, even those who are Christians. Bill English reminds us that no election should cause believers in Christ to be held captive by fear.

“I think a number of Christians are caught up in the emotion, the negativity, and the fear mongering that is going on. I wish it wasn’t that way, but when I talk to Christians about the election, I hear very similar things that I hear from people who don’t have much faith that all. Christians should not be afraid of the outcome of the election because of the sovereignty of God.”

Bill calls to mind the comfort of God’s sovereignty, especially amid a culture plagued with uncertainty.

“The sovereignty of God is something that we can rest in. It is something that we can hide within because we know that God is always acting in accordance with His character, which is good, righteousness, just. So when we submit ourselves to the sovereignty of God, we don’t need to necessarily be afraid of who is elected.”

“In a very real sense, whoever gets elected this fall is ordained by God, and we need to respect them–but we should not fear them. Nor should we fear the outcome of what’s going on.”

That’s not to say that silencing our fears is an easy thing. Bill says it may require believers to pay closer attention to what types of information and media they consume.

  “We now have the ability, through all kinds of devices, to craft the messages that are inbound into our lives, such that we only hear one point of view. You can actually craft your entire world based on that one input. That’s a dangerous place to be, especially if the Word of God is not your core input.”

How many of us spend more time watching the news than we do reading the scriptures and hearing from the Holy Spirit?”

“I’m not saying don’t be informed, or go put your head in the sand or disconnect and live off the grid. But I am saying that the main input into our lives ought to be the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the Word of God.”

Shifting our focus from our earthly troubles to our eternal hope, Bill believes, will help clarify the church’s purpose in fear-filled times.

“I would like to see the Christian evangelical community walk in faith and boldness rather than fear when it comes to these elections. The more tumultuous our society becomes, and the more difficult our economy becomes, the greater the opportunity for ministry. So the Church should be on the lookout for how can we spread the gospel and how can we serve people, as our society continues to decline.”

Bill English is an Associate at the Platinum Group as well as the CEO of Elevate. He also writes for Bible and Business.

Why we shouldn't fear Election Day
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