“These students are in a foreign place – the U.S. is a strange place to people who are not from here and they need help, they need friends” –Tim Grunditz

Across the United States, students are moving in to colleges and universities from distant countries with no local connections to family and friends.

Pastor Kathleen Macosko from Stadium Village Church along with special guests Tim Grunditz, Barbara Fadirepo, Robert Osburn and Lowell Busman, talk about the joys of making international connections at home.

 “80% of international students will come to the US and they will leave after one year, two year, four years and never enter in an American’s home. The overwhelming majority don’t make an American friend” –Tim Grunditz

Through his own experience traveling overseas, Tim knows what it was like to feel alone in a foreign country. He reminds us that we have a great opportunity to minister to students who may feel out of place and demonstrate Christ’s love to them through hospitality.

How can we use the gift of hospitality to welcome international students?

Kathleen, after living in another country with her four children, has a heavy heart for helping international students in the U.S.

“All you need to do this ministry is a kitchen table.’” –Kathleen Macosko

Inviting international students into our homes can provide a great opportunity for them to learn more about American culture, build lasting friendships, and experience the love of Christ.

“The important thing is that all of them thrive on building relationships and that is what’s so important…they want ordinary everyday relationships” –Barbara Fidirepo

Rewarding relationships await us in college communities nearby, all we have to do is take the first step by welcoming the student in our midst.

Find more helpful information about the Hospitality Center for Chinese here, and ConneXions International here.

Highlight: Building friendships

Welcoming international students

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