On June 4th 1989 the world watched as student protests were quelled in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. We review what’s happened in China politically, culturally, and spiritually with noted China expert Brent Fulton. He has co-authored China’s Next Generation: New China, New Church, New World, and we hear about the growing church in China and how believers in North America can encourage our brothers in the faith.

26 years ago student-led protests hit Tiananmen Square, which demanded attention to the corruption in China’s government and economic inequality. It also pointed out that in order to have real reform; you had to have political reform too, not just economic. Brent reflected on the events that occurred during that time and how it’s greatly impacted China’s next generation. Although political reform has not happened today as they’d hoped back then, he explained, there have been great efforts made to rebuild, redeem and embrace what was lost.

“China is regaining their glory as a nation”

Several ways of recognizing this is seen through economic growth, modernization and world recognition. Fulton shared updates on the current issues and tensions in the midst of the redemption process. Politically, a current tension is what to do about the household registration system. In light of the many urban Chinese residents who don’t agree with the migratory rural Chinese, Brent shared his vision of hope for uniting the body of Christ;

 “There may be a breakthrough in the next couple of years”

What about the next generation and the growing church? China’s church is growing and Christians are coming together in ways that are strong and rather evident. Considering China’s religious policy has been in place since 1982, there is still a huge ‘gray area’ where Christians are meeting in unregistered office spaces to learn and worship God together.

“The registered and unregistered churches in the cities are now full”

How can we encourage our brothers and sisters of faith? Brent expressed the need for international organizations to come alongside them effectively by simply modeling the love, humility and example of Jesus Christ for China’s next generation.

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