Underlying many relationship struggles and societal problems is the reality of sexual addiction.  As devastating as any drug habit, this addiction brings heartache and despair to those entangled by it. On this latest edition of Connecting Faith, we get to the root causes of our desires and find healing from the damage of these addictions, learning what it really means to live life faithful and true. Dr. Mark Laaser returns to Connecting Faith to discuss . Here’s where this timely conversation takes us:

The misuse of sexuality in today’s world has reached the point of being an epidemic. The moral depravity of our culture is now overtaking us as the Christian community as well. The major force which has escalated this phenomenon is the internet. Dr. Mark believes that the saddest implication of that reality is the women who are lost in this.

We talk about the extreme popularity of “50 Shades of Gray” and what it means for our society.

So what – at its heart – is an addiction really? Dr. Mark says it’s about a longing.

“Sexual addiction is a deep longing in the soul that only Christ can fill.”

Addictions aren’t always linked to childhood problems. So, when it comes to our kids, how can we recognize warning signs?

As we look at the scale of this problem, how can we possibly go about solving it? For those of us struggling personally, Dr. Mark says the cycle is broken only when we surrender our entire selves to Christ. He shares the website faithfulandtrue.com as a place that can offer help and hope in the midst of a struggle with sexual addiction.

Mark notes that oppression has its roots way back in the Garden of Eden.

“Satan hates sexual purity and God’s plan for marriage.”

It’s a clear-eyed look at the problem – and a hopeful word that God’s love & truth has the power to set us free – on this latest edition of Connecting Faith.

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Truth about sexual addiction