Summertime is almost here and finding healthy, affordable activities for the kids can be both exciting and challenging. National author and speaker Kathi Lipp returns to the program to share creative ideas on keeping your kids occupied this summer, having fun as a family and ways of honoring God, together. Kathi and Jo share helpful tips for your summer schedules – through rain or shine.

What is your favorite summertime memory as a child?

Whether it was running a lemonade stand or running through a sprinkler, summertime memories can carry with us throughout our lifetime. Jo reflected on her favorite memories of bike riding with friends to a local pool and stopping for a treat on the way home. Kathi used to put on carnival productions in the neighborhood for a great cause. How did you keep busy as a kid in the summer? Do you have kids of your own and are looking for healthy ways to keep them occupied? You’ve come to right place! Hear encouraging advice for families on staying sane this summer while balancing a new schedule.

“Give your kids something to look forward to”

Having kids help in the planning process, can be a great way to keep them entertained and appreciate the activity more altogether. What can parents do to alleviate some of the planning pressures? You can find creative, priceless ways to encourage your kids this summer and provide opportunities for them to brainstorm ideas all on their own.

“We’ve lost some of the magic of letting our kids be bored enough to figure out what to do”

Spending quality time as a family and having fun together is possible and important, Kathi adds. Although all kids desire to have fun, parents need to be included in the fun as well. Lipp suggests creating summer bucket lists that will encourage, motivate and excite the entire family!  A few examples may include;

•  Nature Walks
•  Road Trips
•  5K Marathons
•  Indoor swimming
•  Arts and crafts
•  Family movie night

God cares about your summer plans and having fun as a family, after all, He is the creator of fun! Pack your swimsuit, read your favorite book or plan your new adventure, because summertime is almost here and fond memories are just around the corner!

Find out more about Kathi Lipp by visiting her website here.  For ideas from Kathi’s summer bucket list, click here.

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