How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor is the title of a new book from Dr. Mark Yarbrough. While it may sound a bit stuffy and academic, this Dallas Seminary professor brings tales of cattle ranching in West Texas and much more to this practical, helpful, and humorous review of the best way to unlock the truths of God’s Word in a way that will bring about life change. We discover the Bible in a fresh way.

Dr. Mark believes we’re in an age when the Bible simply isn’t being read as much as it once was – and that trend is as true inside the walls of our churches as it outside them. Interestingly enough, there is also a wider movement away from reading in general. We hear some fascinating statistical proof that Americans are reading far more infrequently than they once did: fully a quarter of US residents did not read a book last year. Dr. Mark believes we need to re-prioritize, recognizing the things that are vital – studying God’s Word among those things. Yet – in the midst of an ever-increasingly visual & audio world – how can we get people to read the Bible again?

In light of the fact that the Bible is really God’s Word to us, there can perhaps be an intimidation factor involved in beginning to read it. So Dr. Mark wanted to help equip people to understand what they’re reading, and give them confidence along that path. He introduces us to some of the tools he’s included in the book – including ways to break down the Bible into related categories & begin to see the Bible’s full, rich narrative in the way the books relate to one another. We also hear that the Bible, in addition to being a divine revelation, needs to also be understood as a work of literature.

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