You’ve just gotta love the story of Kevin Cook, the Asbury seminary student who stood with his wife Nicole outside an abortion facility in Kentucky holding signs offering to adopt the children facing abortion.

The Cook’s hadn’t thought about adoption until the Center for Medical Progress videos from inside a Planned Parenthood pathology lab shattered their hearts for the victims of abortion. Kevin’s campus was challenging student to Attempt Something Big, and the sidewalk signs were as close as he and Nicole had ever gotten to pro-life activism until then.

Nothing much happened that day. But a seminary representative took their picture and posted it on the Asbury Seminary website. And then the Cook’s facebook post went viral, and there were several leads from women who began to consider releasing their children for adoption. Kevin fills us in on the latest events as the story unfolds.

We asked Kevin about their journey through fertility challenges after miscarriage. And he shared the unique perspective of going through that deep and personal grief while learning the skills and tools to comfort those in crisis as part of his pastoral training. Kevin already has a pastor’s heart, and the Cook’s experience serves as a powerful reminder that our pastoral leaders are not immune to the pain and sorrow they shepherd people through.

I am so inspired by this couple! But the fundraising is going slowly–they are hoping to raise $30,000 to over the costs of adopting one or two children who otherwise would be aborted. Doesn’t this deserve our support?

Doing something big to stop abortion