What does it mean to truly live an abundant life? Jo welcomes author and popular blogger Shauna Niequist. We dig into her latest book , as she shares helpful advice on relationships, recipes, deepening our faith and more! It’s a journey to living abundantly and savoring each moment with God – on this latest Connecting Faith.

So what does it look like to savor life? Shauna says it’s a lifestyle that sees God’s fingerprints in the world around us & living slowly enough, intentionally enough, that we’re able to view that clearly.

We spend a good bit of time talking about fellowship – inviting others into our home and sharing life and food. When we gather together, it’s a powerful thing. Shauna believes that all of life has the potential to be a spiritual connection. God is trying to connect with us all the time.

Gathering over food at a meal has a special potential for forming bonds between us. There is something special about the interaction of communicating and being listened to. Hospitality is the art of creating space where we can all be together so no one has to be alone.

Though this sounds fantastic, we know that intentionally crafting time to be together is more challenging than ever in 2015. Yet, Shauna reminds us that our schedules are a direct reflection of what we really value. We hear some good advice on improving in this area – including making a daily to-do list that highlights relationships. Write down the things you would regret not having done when the day comes to a close. It’s a simple step that can assist us in re-framing the concept of deadlines.

Shauna highlights the unique perspective that motherhood offers on savoring life. Kids can function as great teachers in that process – reminding us that we aren’t always in control!

Highlight: Telling the story

Savoring every moment with God