How can we pray for Christians who are exposed to violence because of their faith? Kristin Wright of Open Doors USA joins us to share some practical ways we can encourage other believers. Open Doors is August’s Ministry Spotlight.

Kristin says there’s been a “surge in persecution” in recent years.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in congressional advocacy on this issue… [years ago] people would have a lot of questions, very curious about it. Today you don’t encounter any of those questions because it’s all over the news, every day.”

Kristin points to Iraq and Syria as examples of what is happening on a global scale to those who follow Jesus.

What is persecution? Kristin says it can appear in a variety of ways, from outright violence and hostility to mass displacement of believers into refugee camps.

Open Doors was founded by Brother Andrews in 1955 with a focus on bringing Bibles to Christians in closed countries. Since then the ministry has expanded to an international effort in more than 60 countries. They provide education for children, trauma counseling, shipments of food, and training for women to become financially independent.

How can we pray?

• Pray for the persecutors, that they would come to know Jesus and be convicted of their sins.

• Pray for the families of those who have been martyred, imprisoned or abused.

• Pray for the workers, that they might not lose heart in the face of injustice and tragedy. “Prayer support is really important, and we do have counselors on staff too.”

Who are the main countries that abuse Christians? Kristin notes some of the top nations on Open Doors’ Watch List.

1. North Korea
2. Somalia
3. Iraq
4. Syria

Kristin has a heart for what she does and encourages us to pray for the political/logistical connections she’s making in our own government on behalf of other believers.

“Day to day, a big part of my role is to build relationships and stay looped in with what’s happening on Capitol Hill. We have a number of campaigns under way.”

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 13:3

Theme Song: We Must Not by Selah

Highlight : He lost everything, but gained Jesus

How to respond to persecution