We’re immersed in a world of noise, yet God often speaks in the stillness. 

Speaker, artist and author Eric Samuel Timm has wrestled with hearing God amidst distractions and offers help in his book  . He ways to master the noise in our lives in order to embark on a deeper journey with God.

If we aren’t spending quality time with God, we can become stagnant and miss out on opportunities to grow deeper in our relationship with Him. Eric explains how skimming through Bible passages or morning devotionals isn’t the best approach. We may experience ‘small sips’ of the Word, but we aren’t really feeding on the fullness of scripture.

“When we want to think about love or grace or revelation. We have a couple small sips we have taken.

Eric encourages us to consider a more quantitative research method instead to gain deeper insight into God’s word.

“I would really like to see people who are following Jesus take these old methods of research. There you are reading, and you are ingesting and really taking your time on a specific book or a series of topics. You get into a deeper place.”

Replacing the Bible with other resources can lead us into complacency and ultimately effect the nourishment we receive. The effect is similar to taking a supplement, like Vitamin D, instead of real meal or sunlight.  

 “There is a danger for us all. We can be drawn to the books about the book. They can be supplemental to our consumption of the Book. We are drawn to the vitamin D – that is the books I write, someone else writes – books about the book. If we’re constantly just taking in vitamin D. that is what we get addicted to and then we become depleted of the thing that we’re trying to seek.

Finding a deeper place on your journey with God isn’t necessarily going to happen with 5 minutes a day. It takes intentionality and quality time with God’s word to properly digest it.

“That deep drinking that you’ve experienced in seasons of oasis is what’s going to carry you, not little ‘sips’ or skims, or fragmented piecemeal together.”

Highlight: The fullness of God

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