Here’s the logic of being pro-life based on proceeding with caution:

President Obama once said that determining when a fetus gains human rights was a question above his pay grade (source).

In the Roe v Wade decision, the US Supreme Court said that they don’t know — can’t know — when human life begins to have value.

Here’s something to think about.

Say you’re driving on a rainy night and you see a large object in the middle of the road. It could be a body, but you can’t see a face or feet or hands. As Christians we have a moral obligation to stop and see if someone was in trouble. But maybe you truly can’t stop because you’re on the way to the hospital for an emergency. You just don’t know what it is and you can’t know because you can’t stop.

Doesn’t that mean that you are obliged at the very least to avoid hitting it and perhaps killing an innocent human being?” (Thanks to Scott Klusendorf for this analogy from his book The Case for Life.)

The existence of scientific or moral ambiguity does not give us free rein to act in a way that will lead to a loss of innocent human life.

I was once so uncertain on this question that I made a fatal mistake and destroyed the life of my unborn child. I learned the value of caution too late. I thank God that I am justified by Christ’s sacrifice, but I bear the sadness of someone missing in my life for the last thirty-seven years. Even so, I am confident that he is safe in the Savior’s arms until we meet in heaven.

If you share this sin, there is hope and help for your healing too. I am prolife because I learned the hard way — when we truly don’t know we should always err on the side of life.

Why am I pro-life? because uncertainty demands caution


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