Feminism has become the default worldview, and in some ways we all have benefited — equal opportunity in education and employment is a good thing! But to say abortion is a women’s rights issue assumes the unborn is not deserving of equal rights and protections under the law.

America once sadly said the same thing about human beings held as slaves — they were somehow less than human and undeserving of equal rights. Listen to these words from Abraham Lincoln:

You say A is white and B is black. It is color, then: the lighter having the right to enslave the darker?

Take care. By this rule, you are a slave to the first man you meet with a fairer skin color than your own.

You do not mean color exactly — you mean whites are intellectually the superiors of the blacks, and therefore have a right to enslave them?

Take care again. By this rule, you are to be a slave to the first man you meet with an intellect superior to your own.

But you say it is a question of interests, and, if you can make it your interest, you have the right to enslave another. Very well. And if he can make it his interest, he has the right to enslave you.

We say the unborn are small and insignificant — not human based on size or functioning. Or since they are utterly dependent on the woman, she has ultimate authority. Imagine granting the same unilateral right to destroy toddlers for their dependent status.

Oh, but it’s a woman’s interests — her education, career, lifestyle. Yet, when men choose to walk away from their obligation to their children we call them deadbeat dads; when a woman does so, it’s her right. It’s clear that women secured abortion rights at the expense of the rights of children and men.

When one group is allowed to destroy another based on the state granting a right to do so, only savage inequality can be the result.

What if, instead, we consider that there is a simple reason we uphold equal rights for those we can see in the world around us. It is the shared quality of our human nature. As Steve Wagner of Justice for All says,

“We have a human nature and we all have it equally. You either have it . . . or you don’t.”

We see the wrongs of racism and sexism for discriminating based on differences because it ignores what we share in common. The unborn individual possesses a human nature from conception forward. Therefore, we should treat them with equal dignity and protection too.

I am pro-life because I am in favor of equal rights.

Why am I pro-life? Because I am in favor of equal rights


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