Moments of sorrow often come to us unexpectedly. Jill Kelly, wife of former NFL quarterback Jim Kelly, knows this truth even more than most. She delivers a powerful testimony of finding peace and comfort in the midst of brokenness – a story born out of the loss of her young son & the continuing health challenges of her husband. Her latest book , offers her personal reflections of sorrow and joy, reminding us that God will carry us through every moment in life.

Jill explains that, despite the profound pain, God has worked mightily in – and through – the valleys of her life.

Jill & Jo focus in on the intersection of grief and faith. It was such a tough journey, but Jill says she’s learned an invaluable lesson about trusting in God’s timing.

“You’re not waiting on a doctor, you’re not waiting on a diagnosis…. you are waiting on Me.”

The outpouring of love & support that the Kelly family experienced during Jim’s illness has stunned Jill. She explains how it’s changed her worldview. The utter vastness of God is sufficient for whatever we have gone, are going, or will go through. And on the other side of that coin, Jill notes the uselessness of believing we can fight, let alone win, our battles without God’s help

“We need to trust and rest in God to fight our battles.”

After all that’s happened, why does Jill still feel that God is calling her to share her story with others? She believes it’s a unique evangelism opportunity and call on her life. It’s a call that she feels has given her a great purpose.

“You can’t know who you are until you know who He is.”

Highlight – How God worked through the pain

Pressing through the pain

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