Valentine’s Day brings the topic of love and romance to the forefront.  But what if you don’t have a sweetheart asking you to ‘be mine?’

On this edition of Connecting Faith, relationship expert and author Candice Watters joins us to talk about preparing for marriage—even if a wedding is not on the imminent horizon.  She discusses her book . It’s helpful, biblical advice for singles on marriage in a post-marriage culture. Here’s where our conversation takes us:

With the very definition of marriage a source of fiery debate in our society, does the term have any meaning any more? What is the climate like today when it comes to marriage? And how does our faith impact the way we should continue to view marriage in 2015? Candice paints the picture.

In this season surrounding the Valentines’ Day holiday, are those romantic feelings we develop the primary reason to marry? Candice believes it is much more about a covenant than it is about even the warmest and best of feelings. Feelings simply don’t last.

Why does the idea of co-habitation continue to be so attractive to single people? And why does Candice believe that is such an unfortunate trend?

Many single young Christian women are saying they’re frustrated by the lack of eligible, mature single young men of faith. Are such men out there?! Alongside that, should a woman marry a man whose maturity level is low in hopes that she might change him?

Is it possible that we can make marriage itself in idol? How can that happen, and how can we avoid that pitfall?

We talk about the Biblical book of Ruth and its remarkable love story. What can we learn from this example?

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Preparing yourself for marriage