Have you ever felt tangled up in insecurity?  You are not alone!

Life coach Carey Scott passions is to help others untangle self-esteem from the world and anchor it in Jesus Christ. She shares how she began untangling insecurity in her life. By sharing our heart and deepest struggles with others, we realize that we are all in this journey together.

“Realizing that I was insecure was huge for me”

After years of going through life and not knowing why she would respond with a victim mentality, Carey was able to identify the very thing that was entangling her and had to learn how to untangle the knots in her heart. However, she understood that this could not be done in her own strength. Carey explains the importance of surrendering and inviting God into the untying process. He knows the entanglement of insecurity more than we do, and knows how to help us navigate our way towards freedom.

Why do we let the world tangle us up with confusion, doubt and fear about who God created us to be? Scott says that we forget that God created us on purpose. He decided our personality type, talents and gifts, eye color, body shape and exactly where He wanted our puzzle piece to fit in His masterpiece.

“We are constantly striving to become our idea of who we should be, instead of resting in who He created us to be”

God delights in us and wants us to discover His love and beautiful purpose for our lives. Entanglement can show up in all areas of life and it’s important to do the work with God to know where we are all tangled up.

There are so many ways this world tries to tie us up in the lies of insecurity. With God’s help, we can truly experience freedom and embrace who He created us to be – untangled, loved and secure in Him.

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